1. You must be a registered member of BuildPodd before you can register as an Affiliate. To become a BuildPodd member, simply click the user icon  at the top-right corner or SignUp/Login here.
2. After becoming a BuildPodd member, click "Back to home" at the top-right side of your BuildPodd member dashboard to go back to the home page.
3. Then, click the Affiliate header tab to go to the affiliate registration page.
4. After registering, you will be directed to your Affiliate dashboard where you can find your Affiliate ID and some instructions.


SignUp or Login as BuildPodd Member


1) The affiliate inserts his/her unique URL link and uploads creative posts in any social media using the ready made graphics in the affiliate dashboard and videos in the BuildPodd YouTube account. He/she may also upload other materials and insert his/her affiliate link in all other blog sites.

2) An affiliate must have a Facebook account or page and a member of construction FB groups. Other social media accounts like Tiktok, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram may also help. Having a blog is also advisable.

– There are two (2) types of Affiliates – the Technical Affiliates and the Non-Technical Affiliates. Technical Affiliates only refer to Architects and Civil Engineers, whereas Non-Technical Affiliates refer to all other affiliates who are not considered Architects or Civil Engineers.

– There are two (2) types of commissions – the Referral Commission (RC) and the Deployment Commission (DC).

– Technical Affiliates are entitled to receive both the Referral Commission and the Deployment Commission.

– Non-Technical Affiliates are entitled only to receive the Referral Commission.

The commission scheme is categorized into 2:

a. Referral commission (RC) – Anyone can receive this commission everytime the affiliate refers a project or everytime his/her posts are clicked by clients and register their projects at BuildPodd.

b. Deployment Commission (DC) – Only architects and civil engineers who agree to offer help to project owners will get Deployment Commission.

Although everyone can apply as non-technical affiliates, only civil engineers and architects are qualified to be technical affiliates owing to their expertise to be engaged as consultant to project owners via online (or once in a while site visit) during the course of the project.  The technical affiliate will get a taste of how to manage a construction project without the headaches associated with contracting and running his/her own company. Being a technical affiliate gives an opportunity for the architect and engineer a good training to start a construction business someday.

Whenever the affiliate’s URL link is seen and clicked by a client, a cookie enables BuildPodd to trace the affiliate who owns the URL link. A transaction starts when a client registers his/her project in the website.

Another way that a transaction is credited to an affiliate is if he/she initiates the registration of the project into the BuildPodd portal. The afffiliate can do this better when he/she initiates gathering of basic project info from the client via FB messaging during inquiry or FB comments.