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How Do We Determine The Right Work Package For Your Project

There are two (2) basic work package types that we always consider for optimum execution of work:

1) Design-&-Build

2) Design-Bid-Build

We devised a simple decision tree that involves 3 basic questions. If the answer to the first question points to the upward direction, the recommended package would be Design&Build. If downward, Design-Bid-Build. If the answer points to the middle, go to the next question until you reach the last question that will point you either up or down.

On one hand, if the decision tree points to a Design&Build package, there will be no competitive bidding and only one contractor shall be invited. The BuildPodd Admin shall prepare the Project Invitation for the endorsed or best-match Design&Build Contractor so he/she will submit the Design Proposal first, then later on, the Request for Proposal for the construction component.

On the other hand, if the decision tree points to a Design-Bid-Build package, there will be competitive bidding with at least 3 contractors. The BuildPodd Admin shall prepare the Project invitation to the recommended or best-match designer so he/she will submit the Design Proposal first. Then, later, the BuildPodd Admin shall prepare the Request For Proposal for at least 3 contractors.

Work Packaging Decision Tree


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