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Jake: No matter what goes, you’re not allowed to fall for me

Jake: No matter what goes, you’re not allowed to fall for me

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Jake: To be honest our employment isn’t constantly high. After all, often it sucks. However,, it sucks a little less once i get to take action with you. (Operation: Busted Feather)

Jake: What do do you think Amy observes into the Teddy? Charles: So, you do such as for example their. Jake: I am just curious. After all, I suppose he or she is okay-lookin. And you will he’s a great policeman. They’re each other sort of dorky regarding cops stuff. And additionally, he place the course number, but that is nothing. I bankrupt they, like, 20 minutes after. Charles: You’d like to learn as to why she sought out which have your and you will maybe not your? Jake: Yeah. Charles: Since the guy in fact questioned her away. (Tactical Village)

Jake: I enjoy how much your pretend to for example “Die hard

Jake: I am not sure what exactly is browsing occurs on this task, while anything crappy falls, I believe I’d become pissed Ecuador hembra at me personally easily failed to say so it. I kinda need to anything might happen between all of us, romantic-stylez. (Costs and you can Specifications)

Jake: The thing i considered you ahead of We ran undercover, precisely how I wish anything could happen between united states romantically, that was not absolutely nothing. That has been real. Amy: What exactly are your stating? Jake: I’m sure that you’re that have Teddy. I am not trying changes you to. And i score there’s stuff I can’t control. But this morning I told you that we failed to mean one of it, and that is actually a lay. I just don’t want to keep something back. Amy: Better, thanks for stating that. (Undercover)

Teddy: If in case you ask me personally, In my opinion it is because Amy appreciated your right back. Jake: Did you? Amy: Maybe. Yes. A tiny. (The street Excursion)

Jake: I mean, don’t get me personally wrong. I’m thrilled to know that you always at all like me, and i also brings it usually. Amy: Higher. [Told you sarcastically] Jake: Hi, should we create a left upwards here at you-used-to-like-me personally way, otherwise. Amy: Ha, ha. [Said sarcastically] Jake: I am able to always simply cut around the from the Amy-used-to-like-Jake boulevard. Amy: Ok, end they, or I will freeze the automobile. Jake: Usually do not do this. [Told you mockingly] Amy: [Holds the newest tyre, away from Jake] Jake: [Resisting] Ah errr-ingg~ (The trail Journey)

Jake: We regarded me personally because “El Baboso” to a lot of breathtaking Latina ladies’. Charles: Ah, that is their form of, is not they Jakey? Sophia and Santi- Jake: [Stammers loudly] (New Wednesday Incident)

Rosa: Look, if you want to offer their particular a bona fide solutions, you’ve got to allow her to remember that you’re an alternative. (Det. Dave Majors)

Amy: He makes me personally make fun of. Jake: And you will, you are aware, there is one to else’s advice which We love a whole lot more than hers. (Johnny and you may Dora)

Rosa: [sees Teddy outside about briefing place] Is not that Teddy, Amy’s ex lover boyfriend? Amy: Yep. Rosa: Jake, did you not break them upwards? Jake: Yep. Rosa: Amy, didn’t you simply tell him so you can his deal with he was the most painful guy alive? Amy: Yep. Rosa: This really is likely to be embarrassing. Jake and Amy: [together] Yep. (The Audit)

Amy: And it is midnight, thus i suppose I am an amazing person/wizard. Jake: Yeah. Even in the event. You could need have a look at inscription thereon indeed there buckle. Amy: Why? Oh no, precisely what does it say? “Amy Santiago, do you actually marry myself?” [she transforms to see Jake on one knee which have a keen engagement ring] Jake: Treat. Amy: I am very confused. I’m not sure what are you doing today. Jake: “I’m therefore baffled, I don’t know what’s happening immediately,” term of the sex tape. Amy: “Oh my god. I am trembling, I am obviously planning cry.” Title of sex tape. Wait, so is this extremely happening? So is this an element of the heist? If this is an element of the heist, I could clean out you so hard. Jake: No, excite. Ames, search, it’s really happening, okay? It isn’t part of the heist. I guarantee, this is actual. Amy: It’s? Jake: Yeah. Okay, right here it goes. Ames, I like your. I adore how wise you’re. I really like exactly how gorgeous you’re. I adore your head, and i also like the couch. I should’ve written this down earliest. Amy: Zero, no, it’s ok. Carry on. ” Amy: Everyone loves the second one. Jake: It’s not necessary to. Amy: Ok. Jake: Yeah. You happen to be kind, and you are clearly funny, and you are a knowledgeable person I know, and ideal investigator. And, to possess reals, I adore your butt. Amy: I really like your as well. Jake: Gross. Amy: [Chuckles]

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