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We understand your worries about the scams and complicated processes like contractor selection, bidding, negotiation, contract writing, daily project monitoring and progress billing, warranties, and turn-over.

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We have more designers and builders in our database that we can match for your project when you register. Get full assistance and protection from bidding to project turn-over.

Project Deployment

BuildPodd Created A Free App To Manage Your Project

BuildPodd Created A Free App To Manage Your Project

Our app is called PODD (short for Project On Digital Deployment) or simply Project Deployment.

Project Deployment is quite similar to the traditional construction project management in scope. The difference is that Project Deployment is digital, more visible, accessible to all parties, and it promotes more collaboration and coordination so that the contractor, owner, architect, or project manager can do the daily activities much more efficiently.

We build the team that will build your project

How BuildPodd Can Help Clients

How BuildPodd Can Help Clients

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Register your project

Register your project right away, whether you have already an architect or none yet, and we will do everything for you under a design-bid-build or design-and-build arrangement. Contact us for a free consultation.

You may also browse the Partner Showcase and look for inspiration, designers, and builders, which you may endorse to us when you register your project. 

This is completely free.

We'll build the team that builds your project

We will recommend a designer, depending on your need, either an architect or an interior designer. After the design is approved and the plans are prepared, our BuildPodd Deployer will initiate the bidding process for contractors. We will form the team dashboard that includes the designer, the supervising architect or engineer, and the deployment officer, which will also include the winning contractor.

Sign Contract

After negotiating and agreeing on the best proposal, BuildPodd will ensure that the project contract will be properly documented for your protection. All permits and insurances or bonds for your downpayment and all contract documents will be complied with by the winning contractor for maximum and mutual protection of all parties.

Monitor the construction and billings online until turn-over

You will receive daily or weekly progress reports and photos through your dashboard for evaluation if everything is on schedule and as per plans. You will also receive billings for evaluation before payment. When the project is completed, your contractor will upload into your project dashboard all the important documents like punchlists and occupancy permit, as well as retention bonds for the warranties.

Construction Is Difficult And Risky. But Don't Worry...

We Manage The Complexity

Call Us at 0932-8698183

End-To-End Protection

End-To-End Protection

Secure Your Payments and Contract

Call Us at 0932-8698183
We hire only pre-qualified and PCAB licensed contractors for your protection. If any dispute arises, government-licensed  mediators and arbitrators will help. And if anything goes wrong and you need to replace the  contractor, we help ensure your downpayment can be recovered and your contract cost does not increase.

End-To-End Protection

End-To-End Protection

Why OFWs and Busy Filipinos Like Our BuildPodd Way

Call Us at 0932-8698183

If you feel overwhelmed by the options and processes and you don’t feel comfortable hiring an architect or contractor on your own, you may simply call us and we can help you process everything. If you can spare a minute of your time, just fill up the Register Project form, completely or partially. Then, you will receive a call from our advisors to help clarify some information. You may also just give us a call at 0966-4963747 or message us at our Facebook messenger, or email us at 

You may also find architects and contractors in the Partner Showcase and endorse anyone you choose by typing the name in the Register Your Project form.


Yes, all clients or project owners can submit their projects to BuildPodd for free and the project will be processed for maximum protection from start to finish. For more details, you may contact

Yes, all construction designers and builders in BuildPodd are prequalified for your protection. You are encouraged to give your rating after transacting with anyone in order to improve their services.

On one hand, if you register your project, you are almost certain that your project will be completed based on contract. If ever there are issues along the way, your payments are protected by insurances and your complaints can be addressed via artbitration.


On the other hand, if you chose to just hire a contractor from the Ads Listing, just follow the Safe Dealing tips and report to us immediately any suspicious behaviors or deviation from the plans or contracts, so we can help you communicate with the contractor.

If your project is registered under the BuildPodd Way, your downpayment and all other successive payments will be covered with bonds to assure you that your money will never get lost in the hands of fly-by-night contractors. Any case against fraudulent contractors shall be settled via arbitration. Learn more about bonds.

The rigorous process imposed by BuildPod will assure clients that they will get their projects done at the right time and cost. All construction professionals listed in BuildPod are prequalified via strict evaluation process and are monitored and evaluated regularly. There may be force majure or unexpected events that may happen beyond the control of anyone but BuildPod will help you manage and implement remedial measures.

Yes, you will save money because the bidders are prequalified and will offer competitive proposals without sacrificing quality and  performance. More importsntly, you can protect your hard-earned money.

The form will help us determine the right contract package for your project – if it should be design-and-build or design-bid-build. It will also help us find the best designers or contractors for your project. You may partially fill up the form and our deployers will contact you to help you accomplish everything.

First, we consider the professional that you will endorse and re-evaluate if it fits well with your project requirement and the current load, capacity, and financial situation of the professional. Then, we get more candidates in our database and present them to you for your approval before we solicit proposals.

Yes, you may still register your project even after selecting a builder on your own as long as the contract is not yet finalized.


Architects, Interior Designers, and General Contractors,

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Project On Digital Deployment

About Us

What is BuildPodd?

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” How can we help rebuild the image of the construction industry amidst the declining productivity and news of fraud and scam by unscrupulous contractor? “
This is the question that ignited the interest of the founder, Bong Haduca, a Civil Engineer, to start his personal cause called BuildSmart Pilipinas.
And in order to concretize his plan, he formed a construction portal called BuildPodd, which will showcase honest and efficient designers and builders and introduce digitalization of the end-to-end project management processes, with focus on small-to-medium-sized projects who can not afford professional managers.
We are a team of engineers, architects, and construction professionals with a mission to help Filipinos to look for and organize qualified designers and builders for their construction or renovation projects, big or small, and to spare them from the usual problems like scams, delays, substandard quality, poor workmansip, and cost overruns.
The BuildPodd system revolves around the idea of building an ideal team to do every project. In other words, BuildPodd does not do the actual construction but instead, it creates the trusted team that will be tasked to do the actual site construction using the online apps. The team is called PODD, representing the initials of the key players in a construction project – Project Builder, Owner, Designer, and Deployer. (Coincidentally, PODD also stands for Project On Digital Deployment).

BuildPodd acts as the Deployer. The word deploy is a popular term in military that means to move men and equipment to a specific location. Applied in construction, it means organizing teams and mobilizing resources to build a project.