Below are some sample projects that may undergo direct solicitation, bidding, or negotiation.

Our BuildPodd engineers help the project team collaborate on the go using our Project Deployment app.

Joining The Podd

How It Works

How It Works

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Join The PODD

Sign up or just reply YES to our email and BuildPodd will upload your information into the Partner Showcase and PODD dashboard where you will see project leads and get invited to offer. If you are not invited yet but interested to join us, just click "Chat" below or email us at

Create proposals for the leads you receive

You will receive messages and updates from BuildPodd's admin about new projects invitations. Your chances of being invited will depend on two things.
1) Based on BuildPodd's assessment of your availability and capability.
2) Based on clients' endorsement after they find you in the Partner Showcase.

Prepare contracts with ease

BuildPodd admin will assist you in the preparation of contracts .

Use online apps to manage the project

Contractors and architect administrators can use our online progress reporting, inline messaging, and photo uploads as well as the gantt chart tools to inform the client about the daily or weekly progress. Our automatic billing calculator and online submission will assure the contractor to get paid on time.

Builders will enjoy these benefits
  • You'll appear in the Partner Showcase and get endorsement
  • You'll get free use of project dashboard and billing app
  • You'll get free use of gantt chart and reporting app
  • You will get to deal with good clients only
  • You'll get free leads & invitation to bid
  • Become a valued contractor
Grow faster
Designers will reap more benefits
  • You get FREE leads and invitation to offer your services
  • You will appear in the Partner Showcase ads
  • You will deal only with good clients.
  • Become a valued architect
get noticed

We only accept contractors and architects as members of the deployment team because we focus more on ground-up and sizeable fit-out works that require designers (architects/interior designers) and contractors. Architects are considered automatic members of the deployment team in their capacity as representatives of the owners. For every project they design, Architects are also invited as project administrators and get access to the project dashboard as representatives of the project owners. We are not discounting the possibility of including specialty contractors as members of the deployment team in the near future. 

You may still register while you are not yet PCAB accredited. However, we give priority to PCAB-licensed contractors. We encourage you to apply now. Learn more on how to apply. 

If you are a design-and build contractor and you have no PCAB license yet but have a PRC license as an architect,  you may register as an architect or a designer.

Yes, right after you register, we conduct online or face-to-face training. Our Project Deployers will also be available anytime to assist you.

No. To participate in a bidding is totally free. You don’t even need to pay for the plans as they will be available online for downloading.