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Should you hire a supervising Architect or Civil Engineer for your project?

Yes, according to the National Building Code under Section 308. See excerpt below:

Section 308.  Inspection and Supervision of Work.

1. The owner of the Building who is issued or granted a building permit under this Code shall engage the services of a duly licensed architect or civil engineer to undertake the full time inspection and supervision of the construction work.

2. Such architect or civil engineer may or may not be the same architect or civil engineer who is responsible for the design of the building.

3. It is understood however that in either case, the designing architect or civil engineer is not precluded from conducting inspection of the construction work to check and determine compliance with the plans and specifications of the building as submitted.

4. There shall be kept at the jobsite at all times a logbook wherein the actual progress of construction including tests conducted, weather conditions and other pertinent data are to be recorded.

5. Upon completion of the construction, the said licensed architect or civil engineer shall submit the logbook, duly signed and sealed, to the Building Official. He shall also prepare and submit a Certificate of Completion of the project stating that the construction of building conforms to the provisions of this Code as well as with the approved plans and specifications.

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